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The Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, begun as the Department of Anatomy over one hundred years ago, is interested in fundamental questions in biology that ultimately relate to human health and disease. The department hosts a full complement of outstanding faculty, post-docs, and students, with diverse backgrounds and interests. Visit us to learn more about unique research opportunities.

Cell biologists on our faculty study the dynamic regulation of intracellular trafficking, protein secretion, cell polarity, cell shape, oncogene function, and cell-matrix interactions.
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Developmental biologists in the department investigate germ cell differentiation, transcriptional repression in pattern formation, gene regulatory networks, and morphogenesis of organ systems.
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Our vascular biologists study molecular pathways that control cardiac development, blood vessel formation in embryonic and adult model systems, stem cell contributions to vascular development, and vascular cell signaling.
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Neurobiologists on our faculty focus on the formation of the notochord, patterning events in the developing cerebral cortex, and neuronal precursor cells.
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The program is an interdisciplinary unit whose principal mission is to teach Gross Anatomy and Functional Neuroanatomy to medical and physician assistant students. In addition, it collaborates with other departments in developing innovative approaches to gross anatomy teaching and educational research. Find out more
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Our Department is engaged in cutting-edge research across a broad spectrum of interest areas. We welcome inquiries into our available research positions. Find out more

Our Department recruits some of the most talented students and postgraduate fellows in research today. Click on the links below to learn more. Our Students
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All students benefit from individualised support.

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The small and modern campus is only a 10-minute walk away from the city centre and is easily accessible by car and public transport. It is also close to the train stations.

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